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I agree. He never bothered me much as a player, but I’m not a fan of him on these broadcasts at all.


Tom Hovasse’s team, JX-Eneos, won the WJBL Championship. He posted the following on Facebook:

Dream Season! My first season as head coach of JX-Eneos ended on a great note by beating a tough Toyota team in 3 straight games for the WJBL Championship. Overall, we went 38-0 and are the first team in the history of the league to go undefeated and win the All Japan tournament. This team is amazing and I am so honored to be a part of it


Was not aware Quinnipiac had a grad school. Villanova diaspora at work here, I suspect.


Google is very helpful sometimes.


Fixed your link for you.


One of my relatives was looking at Quinnipiac’s MS in Special Education which was either low residency or entirely online. They opted for St. Joseph’s instead. I think they also have an MBA program as well.


Jeff Brooks’ Unicaja team won the EuroCup championship yesterday. That win means that his team will move up to EuroLeague play next season. Here’s hoping Jeff sticks with them next season and becomes just one of a handful of Penn Staters to have played in the EuroLeague.

I know Pete Lisicky and Jan Jagla got a couple of season of EuroLeague play in during their careers. There’s probably a couple of more who have made it at one point or another.

EDIT: After digging a little deeper into Jeff’s past, it turns out that he already has a couple of EuroLeague seasons under his belt. In 2012-13, Jeff played for Cantu who made it through the EuroLeague qualifying round. In 2014-15 he played for Dynamo Sassar an Italian team that had gotten a wild card entry into the EuroLeague for the season.


I’ve spent some more time trying to dig up any other Penn Staters who may have played in the EuroLeague but I have been unsuccessful. It looks like Jagla, Lisicky, and Brooks may be the only three to have played at the highest level of European ball.





If true then PSU can officially be considered the cradle of South Florida in-transfers.


A couple nuggets in here. Washington was also looking at Rider and Albany. Samuel kicked the tires on returning to UConn.



Tells you all you need to know about Samuel and Banks’ M.O. PSU is a borderline tournament team for next year, where they would have been role players…instead they transfer to dumpster fire USF where they will play a ton of minutes while losing their balls off…while still having the same pro opportunities overseas as they would have if they stayed at PSU.


Samuel I get, but Banks?


Why not, he is probably guaranteed to be a starter there next season.


Now we start to put the kids who transfered.

Stay classy, Penn State. :flushed:


Looks like I’ll be paying attention to South Florida this year. I’m honestly not mad at any of the transfers. We all know it happens a ton in college basketball now. I wish our former players the best at South Florida.

There Are Priorities, and Then There Are Priorities

I agree, and I’ll be rooting for IW too at QU.