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Alternatives to a simple "bracket" challenge


So far this season, I have not been in any of the traditonal “bracket” competitions.

I have been involed in another challenge that was real fun.

A few of my friends and I had an “auction”. We had a total of $10.00 to spend at the auction. Once your money was gone, you could not bid anymore. The winner of the challenge was the person who’s teams have the most total wins. The auction was an absolute blast.

A co-worker in the office told me about a contest he has with about 7 or 8 others. The either draft teams or randomly hand them out. When one team plays another, that team has to cover the point spread or it is “stolen”. For example, if player A has Kansas, and player B has Boston U, then Kansas not only has to beat Boston U, but they have to cover the spread. If not, player B get to steal Kansas.

Is anyone else involved in other unique NCAA Tournament Challenges?


I was involved in one once that was like your second one: there were 8 people and (when there was 64 teams) we had a draft and each person got 8 teams. You accumulated points simply based on the number of wins you got from your teams (I think there was bonus points for Final Four and the champion too), no spread involved.


I was involved in something like this held in one of those 2 floor study lounges in Sproul Hall in East the year G’town lost to Nova in the finals. There was no cap on how much you could bid. G’town ended up going for so much money ($130 if memory serves) that they HAD to make the finals for the bidder to recover their money.

A great way to play the tournament if you can get enough people that want to do it.


I’ve always liked the second one. It maintains the sense of fairness throughout. In most “pick a name out of a hat” contests, you know immediately after you get your pick whether you have a chance or not. Not so in this one. Everyone has an equal shot even after the names are drawn - every game is basically a 50/50 toss up.