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Akosa in ER?


Probably not for himself since hes tweeting, but it’d be nice for some of us to show some support on Twitter if anything really negative comes out of this.

Hoping all is okay.

To all my people I love yall doctor said I should be fine #Godisgood #Amen


So it was him? Wow, wonder what happened. And since when can you use your cell phone while being treated in the ER? ;D


Hopefully it was something like a deep cut/accident, or something like that(?). In the few times I’ve been to the ER, there’s always ppl waiting. Dunno. Glad he seems ok.


Looks like it was his knee:


Just tweeted that he has a huge brace on it… wonder if it was his ACL.




It’s a good thing he accepted a scholarship when he did, and he’s even luckier that he selected Penn State.

CBB is a slimy world. Anywhere else, he may be worried a lot more about this !!!


I wonder if he will play this year


Reminds me of Jermaine Marshall’s senior year.