Adversity builds character!


Ok, so the team is 2-2 thus far. Both of these losses were tough. Yes, losing these games did not help Penn State’s RPI, but 2 consecutive bad games will not make or break the season. We should be uplifting these young men. I wonder if they read these message boards? After reading some of these posts, I would hope not!

I’m not gonna lie, I became a nittany lion fan after one of my former players signed with Penn State. I want to believe that “WE ARE” stands for something more than WE ARE fairweather fans. As a coach, you want your team to go through some adversity during the year, because it’s ultimately going to make you a better basketball team down the road.

Have we forgot that they won the NIT last season? Granted, we lost some veteran leadership and quality players, but I think this team has the chance to be great! It may not happen right away, but they will get there. All in all, don’t jump the ship just yet. I plan on riding the waves with the team, even if it gets a little rough.


I am not going to post what I am really feeling right now because I am definitely not thinking rationally given how upset I am with the last two performances. I think this team can be decent but right now it is pretty tough to feel anything but disappointment. It’s nice to see that you are still upbeat though.

if you are correct though this team should already have enough character for the rest of the season!



First, welcome to the board.

Second, not sure how much time you have spent around this board or its predecessors but this is one of the fairest fan sites out there. PSU basketball doesn’t exactly have a rich history but I think you will find the majority of us here are long-time followers of the program, through thin and less thin. After a bad loss, you get the usual angst. I wouldn’t let that determine your opinion of this place. If there is one thing we know here, it’s adversity.

PSU draws 110,000 for a football game against Akron and but can’t get the BJC half-full for a basketball game against Michigan State. Most here are the ones who continue to show up. And we’ll be here all season for the good and the bad.


I’ve been besieged with work in the past week, and when I got home last night I collapsed (figuratively). So I haven’t read anything on the board except some of the stuff after the first loss.

Hope it isn’t getting out of hand!

I am not saying there is not cause for concern and that the problems we have seen could turn into long-term problems that this team can’t solve.

But last year at this time we were also struggling, even in victory. So much that it brought out the nasty people who required the creation of the daughter board (whose name I have already forgotten) to cordon off the bashers.

And that group of guys got it together. So it can happen again.


Absolutely it does.


[quote=“tjb, post:4, topic:316”]…
And that group of guys got it together. So it can happen again.[/quote]

I hope so, Tim. The team is younger this year, anyhow, so there is room to grow.

… but does anyone else here feel like Charlie Brown after, again, we let ourselves believe that Lucy would let us kick the football this time? I mean, I was really starting to think the program had turned the proverbial corner, and we were past the just plain ugly stage of things. We PSU hoops fans seem to spend allot of time on our butts looking up and wondering.