ACC/B10 Challenge IGT:


Go Hoosiers!? We could only hope that IU and NW carru the momentum and the B10 has a 4-0 lead heading in to the MSU/UNC game tonight!


I love Indiana for never giving up. All of last season they played people tough but couldn’t finish, best team not to win many games. I respect the job Crean has done there and what he is trying to do.


Interesting so far…

NW leads NCSt by 11 with under 13:00 to play.

Purdue trails Wake by 4 with 16:00 to play.

Indy hanging tough with Maryland late in first half.


guess we could consolidate threads here…

Purdue 0-14 from 3!!! Still only down 4.


Gotta love the extra attention PSU is getting on all 3 telecasts every time they put up the current standings of the Big Ten leading 1-0.


Wake 4-11 from the line? that’ll hurt you in the long run…as if we didn’t already know that :wink:


Amazing… Purdue takes the lead. Doing it on defense (big surprise).


And I had Purdue tabbed as the only Big Ten victory tonight. :-X


It’s about time the Big Ten wins this challenge. I hope we do it convincingly too, can only help our RPI and maybe some important decisions at the end of the year.

Also, I think the Big Ten with more high profile coaches and really taking it to the ACC will make some top recruits look at playing in our conference differently.


I swear the Big Ten is the only place that you play defense…in basketball and football


Purdue pulling away while shooting 0 for everything from 3 and less than 30% overall. I wouldn’t believe it if I weren’t watching it.


That’s what good defense/hacking will get you.


Finally hit a three :smiley:


:)First let me say it was nice for us to win in the “only game spotlight” last night. Lots of good publicity about how the Lions have got the BigTen off to a good start, as well as our first team to win 3 in a row achievment.
Watching the Wildcats play N.C. State.
N’Western has had a few calls go against them in the second half, including a questionable Technical.
Michael Thompson playing an outstanding game.
With just over minutes it is the Cats still up: 55-49.
Cats will have difficulty holding on to this one.


Watching Purdue on defense is like a clinic. Just watched a possession where they doubled the post. Wake kicked it out and around to try to find the open man, but Purdue closed out so quickly that no one got a shot. A Wake player tried to drive past the closing defender, help arrived underneath and the Wake player bounced it off his knee out of bounds. Just awesome.

And another turnover by Wake as I’m typing this.


Did anybody think about the blocks we were making last night? That would be a nice addition to our defense


If I could take one player off of anyother Big Ten team I think I’d take Juan Johnson, that guy is a baller and the inside peice we might be missing


NW about to make the B10 2-0


Done! 65-53 N.W.


Indiana just took the lead on a 3