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A Message from Tim Curley to Cable Subscribers Without Access to Big Ten Network


Pennsylvania has the Lowest Cable Penetration for BTN In Big Ten States

The BTN has been a “godsend” for PSU and B10 hoops - as well as some lower tier PSU football games.

I think he wants a “booster investor” to buy out these cable companies. :o

Why doesn’t the BTN stream their games over the internet like MLB does? That way, you could sign up for what you want and not be held hostage by local cable companies.

A lot of games were streamed last year. Just not football.

How about basketball? I checked early in the season and didn’t see any streams (pay or free). Never checked again.

PLUS wrestling, soccer(both men’s and womens), field hockey, lacrosse, track and field. My G-d, what to these cable companies want…besides a free ride, their excuse of expense is BS.

A mass transfer to Direct tv helped move Comcast.