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A great year


So glad Talor got his shot at ye dnave, regardless of the Argentinians luck. Thank you seniors for four great years.


Agree. Thanks you seniors.


Hold your heads up high. You gave it all you got.


“Success with Honor”

Great year, great bunch of seniors.

We Are…


Also all the underclassmen, remember taste of dance and use it to fuel your off-season workouts to get back soon.


What a season, many doubted that we could make the NCAA Tournament after we lost to Maine. The team responded by playing much better in the Big10 and turning it up a notch in the Big10 Tournament. We get a shot at the NCAA Tournament. We play hard but just come up short. I’m really proud of this team, they played hard and did not give up.

Hey let’s not wait 10 years to get back to the NCAA Tournament :slight_smile:


It was definitely an amazing season. It’s tough sometimes when you’re emotionally invested in a team that struggles as much as we have in the past. At the same time, that makes it all the more satisfying when you have a season like this one.

Despite the loss today, this was a special group of players that will be remembered for a long time to come. I wish them all, especially the seniors, nothing less than the best going forward.

I only wish I could be in State College to welcome them home. They deserve to be greeted by a grateful crowd, and I hope there are plans to make that happen…