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A Game for "College" Basketball


Tonight is a game for “college” basketball.

Four seniors who have attended classes and made grades for eight semesters who are playing in front of their home crowd for the very last time. Their opponents are fueled by two pivotal players, a center and a point guard who are freshman, one of which will basically have a “cup of coffee” in comparison, as his college experience.

Tonight is a game for “college” basketball.

Talor Battle has done it all and then some for his Nittany Lions. 2000 points, close to 600 rebounds and 500 assists. He has been the driving force behind Penn State in willing them to wins and desperately wants just one shot at NCAA glory, having barely missed out two years ago. This might be his one last shot for that glory that he so seeks. For Jared Sullinger, this is but a stop along the way to NBA riches. Sure he wants to win for his team. Sure he will give it his best and look good doing it. But next year, when Jared is pulling down NBA rebounds and pulling in millions, this experience will be but a blip on his map.

Tonight is a game for “college” basketball.

David Jackson, Jeff Brooks and Andrew Jones have toiled in veritable Big Ten obscurity for most of their careers. They have won big games together and lost heartbreaker after heartbreaker, never seeming to have calls go their way. They want it just as much, if not more than Talor Battle, for a couple of them might not have the future of playing professionally as Talor does. So for them, this could very well be their last shot at basketball glory.

Tonight is a game for “college” basketball.

Ed Dechellis has fought the good fight, always seeming to end up on the wrong side of the ledger. He battled and defeated cancer. He’s battled against teams who will recruit questionable players in questionable ways only to lose out on top line recruits that he never had the opportunity to get in the first place. He’s had to live with those under-the-radar guys who have all come to PSU and performed admirably for him, yet always seeming to come up short of their intended goal. He’s had chances when Geary was a senior, only to see Geary go down in a heap on the floor. He’s had his moments when another below-the-radar, “too-short-to-play-at-OSU” Jamelle Cornley led the charge in 2009. Only to have a terrible out-of-conference schedule doom him and his team. Alas, he won the NIT title that same year, a great accomplishment. Yet there was still something missing.

Tonight is a game for “college” basketball.

For these Nittany Lions, they have given their all to their school and now it is time for their hard work and dedication to pay them back. Their entire four year experience will come down to this one game, this one moment. Let’s hope it is a shining one…for tonight is a game for “college” basketball.



I’m officially JACKED for this one.




NittanyIllini…GREAT POST!!!

…could not have expressed it better…




Some things in life are just not meant to be. But I still believe in this team. I still believe in these kids, each and every one of them. And until they are finished playing out this season and The Big Ten Tournament, I will still believe that they have a chance to make the NCAA tournament.

Yes, tonight was indeed a game for college basketball…and Jon Diebler and William Buford are terrific college basketball players. Hats off to them.


“We didn’t practice well,” Battle said. “And we played like we practiced.”

Lets hope for some better practices heading into Minny. It’s all about confidence with this team.


If the team can’t get up for the atmosphere they played in last night, how can they get up for @Minny?