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6 vs 5 Powerplay in Basketball

For those that don’t know, the 72-70 win for UL-Lafayette is mired in controversy after they had SIX players on the floor for their last possession of overtime. Needless to say, they scored in a 70-70 game despite there being six ULL players on the floor. If you notice in the final possession, #1 is standing completely unguarded. It’s like no one notices him, the officials, and even his own teammates.

Here is the video of the end of the game:

Louisiana at WKU, 1/5/12, Six Player Finish

Ken McDonald, coach for Western Kentucky was fired after starting the season 5-11. His record over his 3 1/2 year reign as head coach was 67-48.

That was really weird. Chambers should put one of those plays in.

Ken McDonald Released as WKU Head Men’s Basketball Coach; Ray Harper to Serve as Interim Head Coach

Didn’t we have a play years ago against Illinois where the Illini forgot to put in a player in out of a timeout and it was 5 on 4?

Seton Hall got away with the same thing in a game against Georgetown several years ago. Seton Hall scored with six guys off an out of bounds play with just seconds to go. Georgetown raced up court and tied the game up to send it to overtime. No one noticed that Seton Hall had six players on the court. The Pirates went on to win it in OT but if it had been called right.

In the late 80s Rutgers had 6 on the court against us in Rec Hall. Everyone on our bench was screaming about it. One of the Rutgers players slipped off the court. Refs never caught on. It was unbelievable that they missed it.

I don’t understand how the refs can miss this. Maybe there needs to be a new rule instituted. After every time out on the floor, the refs have to count the players on both teams to make sure there are more than 5. Works well in soccer, they use it every half.

I can’t even believe it would be necessary in basketball. I know in football and soccer I’ve had to double check just how many guys are out there, but you’re talking about 22 guys in both sports. This is a total of 10 - with 3 officials on the court. Shouldn’t be that hard, or at least you wouldn’t think! lol

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