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3G Offense on Tuesday

Siegrest’s tweet at the news thread suggests Ed will use 3G offense on Tuesday. I’ve been wanting to see this for awhile. Others have mentioned it as well. We should see 20 minutes or so from Tre and Taran, and if Tim sits some and Talor plays 10-15 minutes at the 1, could probably see Jermaine and Cam get some serious minutes as well. Maybe Talor gets 35, Tim 25, and the other 4 split 80 minutes, with 60 minutes split upfront(but probably not split much, with AJ and Jeff getting the lion’s share). Be a good test to see who steps up in the guard position.

Playing toward going with 3 guards and players like Cam possibly getting more minutes, I thought it interesting where Ed put Cam, late into the Duquense game.
It was an obvious point in the game where the Dukes would foul. New guy in the game (Cam) would become the player they would most “like” to foul in that situation.
Two things:
Despite some of Cam’s disappointing shooting, Ed was showing him that he had confidence in him, in a faily tight end of game situation.
The fact that Cam stepped to line and made two clean free throws was big (especially for him.)

Ed showing that confidence in Cam, and Cam answering, could really be a boost to Cam and help make the shooting ability that eveyone in the program seems to know that he has, show up in game time.

I liked seeing Bowman and Marshall in the mix there as well, with Bowman not being afraid to drive and shoot. Duquesne is no slouch - their pressure defense reminded me a lot of Minnesota the way they push you away from the basket. Let’s keep getting these guys some run.

No surprise that we’ll be using a lot of 3G offense with Billy and DJ out, but I agree that it will be fun to see. And depending on the results, it could lead to seeing it more in other games, and it will allow some of the youngsters a chance to audition for more time down the road. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Tre and Jermaine, in particular.

I hope Talor doesn’t get 35 minutes as you suggest, though. I hope we are blowing them out, and he gets maybe 25-30 mins. Rest up for a big weekend game.

As a side note, good to hear that Billy didn’t get a concussion on Saturday and they are only keeping him out on Tuesday for precautionary reasons.

Bowman is the most interesting player in my mind. PSU has not had a true athletic swing player in Ed’s tenure except for Claxton. I think that is one of Ed’s biggest downfalls. Bowman has some legit quickness and hops and although not as much of an inside player like Claxton, can and is not afraid to get to the hoop and has the athleticism to finish. Ed should give him a good 25 minutes of run time to see if he can contribute. He could be a difference maker.

The other thing about the 3G is that I continue to believe the front line is the weakness on this team, and not just depth, but toughness, so playing small might cause some coverage issues for opponents. Still a little nervous about rebounding and defense in the paint, but the performance vs. Maryland by the bigs was poor. I see Maryland lost to Temple and earlier lost to Illinois. I know they’re ranked teams, but if PSU is going to make noise in the Big 10, they have to be more competitive vs. physical teams. Maryland wasn’t taller, but looked like they spent more time in the weight room. If you can’t be tougher, maybe being quicker is one approach. The Dukes coach made a comment referring to the 3G offense by PSU making it difficult for his press and being the difference in the game.

I like how Bowman slashes to the basket. Nice to have a player attack like that. I wonder how much Ed needs to see out of our bench players to give them meaningful minutes come Big Ten play. Would be nice to not be limited by a 7 man rotation.