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2020 NCAA transfer tracker

Texas Tech turning into Transfer U

Transfer Tech.

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Not a bad way to build a team these days. Its a big shot in the arm if you’re missing on HS targets

For all the coach recruiting that must be going on once kids announce, I wonder what the traffic BETWEEN PLAYERS must be like, to recruit each other to transfer together.

For some of the schools making a splash in the transfer market, I wonder how much the kids are recruiting each other.

That Florida game got a whole lot easier just saying… basically ran their offense last year.

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If I’m Coach Chambers—knowing that Manuel and Tsimbila aren’t yet enrolled, and knowing that Anei is immediately eligible and that you get him for two years—I’d be on the phone. As a self aware drinker of the Kool-Aid, in Pat we Trust.

Why are you acting like Abdou is news?

Why are you acting like he’s not?

Because there’s been no indication by any reporter on the beat that he’s set to enroll. Nate Bauer covered this extensively on BWI if memory serves.

With all due respect to the individuals on the beat, they have never collectively gotten a straight answer from the program on his situation nor have they really pushed for one. There has been zero transparency about what’s going on, but there has never been an announcement that he’s looking for a new school. I imagine he didn’t come to America to NOT play college ball.

He’s still in the picture. The players’ podcast indicated they still communicate with him, and he’s still active with the program on social media. From what I remember, he was a qualifier out of high school, but he didn’t meet PSU’s proficiency scores for enrollment that are required of international students (took this from the only public article about him, written by Ben Jones in September). If he can get those scores up, I imagine there’s a chance we could see him on scholarship this season.


And given that most places haven’t had testing for a few months, especially in the northeast mid-pandemic, I dont see how that would have changed in time for him to make summer session, no? Hence the ‘why is this news’ comment re Abdou.

Now, if PSU drops the SAT/ACT whatever intl proficiency requirement they got due to the virus, maybe a different story. But there’s never been an indication they’d do that.

SAT/ACT are optional for Summer & Fall 2021 admissions.

There’s not many dots that need to be connected here to figure out what Abdou needs to be proficient in for enrollment. From what I can see, he still has options during the pandemic.

I agree we should be under the assumption he is not enrolling this coming year, but if someone on here has access and can confirm whether or not he’s currently enrolled, how is that not news? Why would we rely on the beat who is almost always the last to know anything about this program?

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6’8 forward