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2020 NCAA Tournament

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The Donald.

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Yep. They had to make a comeback at home yesterday to beat a team that they had already beaten handily twice this season. They ended up winning the championship game in OT.

As I am sure you know their league is pretty weak so I expect them to be a one and done in the NCAA tourney.

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Isn’t it so cool to see Penn State on the list that says Locks!

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I think I’ll have my doctor fill out my bracket this year since I’m now getting medical info from a basketball message board.


The Donald is fired up. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wait, which year was the dumb selection show?

So, PSU Harrisburg is facing a member of the B1G in the NCAA Tournament.


Penn State Harrisburg is playing Johns Hopkins and they are a member of the B1G.

Ok, but just for Lacrosse, correct?

Yes. Hopkins is D3 for everything else, I think.

I believe two years ago maybe?

That year they announced the teams alphabetically, and then later showed the bracket.


When you have to do something but there’s nothing to really do, form a committee

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I thought this was interesting in the press release: “For the protection of the health and safety of players and fans everywhere, the Panel is advising the NCAA Selection Committee to invite only Power 5 basketball programs to the 2020 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.”

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I think they should just wing it.

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