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2020-21 Women's Basketball Schedule

The Lady Lions have a new season to think about in 2020-21! What better way to kick it off with thinking about the future schedule!

This past season PSU played at Towson, vs. Fordham, vs. La Salle, vs. George Mason, at Princeton, vs. Rider, vs. Sacred Heart and vs. Clemson plus the ACC/Big Ten Challenge and two neutral games in California (where PSU was supposed to play Cal but was upset).

I assume the Cal series has been fulfilled, rather than a series I think Cal wanted PSU to play in the tournament for 2019-20. Which PSU did, they just didn’t play Cal. Towson was a road game this past season which likely means that we will have a home game with Towson. Fordham was a part of the a 3-1 series which seems to be over after 4 games in the past 4 seasons. La Salle, George Mason, and Clemson sound like road games and Rider sounded like a buy-out game gone wrong. Sacred Heart also sounded like a buy-out. Princeton was a Home and Home (Princeton is a very good women’s basketball team) that has ended with this season.

Projected schedule for 2020-21:
vs. Towson
at La Salle
at George Mason
at Clemson
at ACC/Big Ten Challenge (likely Pitt again due to Clemson series and Pitt being last)
6 games left to schedule (likely 2 series to be scheduled)

According to the Lansing State Journal, Jayla James has transferred to Michigan State.


Thanks for this update.

And now, Lauren Ebo is transferring to Texas. They also just hired Vic Schaefer as their coach. That’s a huge move!

I’m fine with that actually.

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I wasn’t very surprised by it either. Texas has a depleted roster so she should get lots of pt if she gets a waiver.

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Yikes, Mya Jeffries is going to Seton Hall, and there should be one more that I can’t disclose yet.

Do you mean Mya Bembry?

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Oops, yes.


She was a decent player. But I found she got herself into floul trouble often. Her and Ebo switchef positions often and from what Insaw didn’t exact fit into the new rotations Kieger was doing. Maybe that’s why they are leaving.

Coach did said in February that there would be some changes. I’m just not sure I expected this many.


It depends on the type of game the Coach wants the team to play. Fast break play requires a fast team naturally. I wonder who will take up these two spots.

Don’t forget about her.


Nia should play this season also. So 7 returning, plus recruits.


I am counting 8. Smith, Staples, McDaniel, Camden,
Marisa, Hagens, Jekot, and Wallace.

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I mentioned it earlier that one more is planning to leave, but I haven’t heard where she is headed yet.

If so I just hope it is not Smith. :crossed_fingers:t2:

I guess it isn’t Shay. :slightly_smiling_face:

The Cager Club’s virtual annual meeting is Sunday. Hopefully we will confirm the roster then.

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Both Alisia and Bexley are in the portal. Coach is looking at international players as well as some of the nearly 500 players in the portal. Exciting times.

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