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2020-21 Future Schedule

We haven’t even started the 2019-20 season yet and I figured that we create the forum for the future schedule! You never know when you will hear information on the next season! Let’s start it off!

@UMass (return game in 2021-22)
Charleston Classic 2020
Charleston Classic 2020
Charleston Classic 2020
ACC/B1G Challenge

There are seven more games. Who would you want to schedule? Personally since we will have finished the Alabama series I would say schedule another SEC or Big 12 opponent. I love that we will have played Ole Miss for the 4th time this decade this year. So let’s keep this little rivarly going. Maybe get Temple back on the schedule?

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Tennessee completes the Charleston Classic 2020 field.

2020 Field:
Penn State (B1G)
Tennessee (SEC)
VCU (A10)
Houston (American)
Florida State (ACC)
Seton Hall (Big East)
Oklahoma State (Big 12)
Charleston (CAA)

This is a pretty solid field. Hoping PSU is a part of this field. Almost every matchup PSU would be in favor of having a Quad 1 game besides the College of Charleston itself.