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2020-21 Future Schedule

We haven’t even started the 2019-20 season yet and I figured that we create the forum for the future schedule! You never know when you will hear information on the next season! Let’s start it off!

@UMass (return game in 2021-22)
Charleston Classic 2020
Charleston Classic 2020
Charleston Classic 2020
ACC/B1G Challenge

There are seven more games. Who would you want to schedule? Personally since we will have finished the Alabama series I would say schedule another SEC or Big 12 opponent. I love that we will have played Ole Miss for the 4th time this decade this year. So let’s keep this little rivarly going. Maybe get Temple back on the schedule?

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Tennessee completes the Charleston Classic 2020 field.

2020 Field:
Penn State (B1G)
Tennessee (SEC)
VCU (A10)
Houston (American)
Florida State (ACC)
Seton Hall (Big East)
Oklahoma State (Big 12)
Charleston (CAA)

This is a pretty solid field. Hoping PSU is a part of this field. Almost every matchup PSU would be in favor of having a Quad 1 game besides the College of Charleston itself.

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I have been thinking about this lately.

5/11 spots filled and six spots are left. Alabama is over. PSU doesn’t have 2 opponents given to them since the Charleston Classic is not a 2 game tournament.

Who are we looking to schedule? It is probable that PSU will add a second series to the schedule since there are six slot open this year and likely five-six slots will open again next year. PSU will most likely be searching for a P5+1 series since the only other series we know about is UMass and that doesn’t start until 2021-22 at Massachusetts.

It will unlikely be a Big East opponent due to the Gavitt games unless we were given advance notice that we wouldn’t be playing in the Gavitt games the next season. We could try our luck at another SEC opponent such as Vanderbilt, LSU, or Arkansas if they are willing to play PSU or if they have an opening as well. Perhaps a West Virginia (Big 12) series is finally in order or PSU might go a different route and try for another 4-game deal with Duquesne (A10), Bucknell (Patriot), Colgate (Patriot), Temple (American), La Salle (A10) or Rhode Island (A10).

I don’t know but if anyone knows anything else please tell chime in because I would love to start seeing this schedule develop further.



Because we are going through our OOC season right now and I am thinking about future opponents we can schedule.

Who do we have the best series with?

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Muhlenberg! Juniata!

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There are five P5+1 teams not in the Big Ten that we have series of 20+ game with.

NC State (21) - NC State 3-18
Georgetown (43) - PSU 23-20
Syracuse (105) - Syracuse 43-62
West Virginia (119) WVU 53-66
Pittsburgh (148) - PSU 76-72

After that it is Boston College (14) which is tied 7-7.

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Throw PSU-Behrend in there too.

I have this wrong. UMass is not until 2021-22 and ends 2022-23.

Charleston Classic 2020
Charleston Classic 2020
Charleston Classic 2020
ACC/B1G Challenge

But PSU being in the Charleston Classic is confirmed. The teams are:
Seton Hall, Florida State, OK State, VCU, Charleston, Houston, and Tennessee.

These are huge teams for PSU to play.

Now I am hoping for a Yale series if we have to have an Ivy league team on the schedule for next year :sweat_smile:!

I think we should be playing a Big 5 team in Philadelphia every year. So that probably means we keep two of them on the schedule for home-away alternating between the two teams. So, any two of Temple, Penn, La Salle, St. Joe’s, Villanova.

A New York City team and a DC team should also be scheduled every year.


I’d love it too. We haven’t played a Big 5 team in a series since La Salle and Penn in 2013-14.


Pat won’t schedule Nova due to his relationship with Jay Wright - if we play, it would have to be in a tournament, IMO. The rest I don’t think really want us playing in the city, which may be why we’ve done a few of these B10 games at the Palestra. I would love a game against Bucknell at the Giant Center… Maybe use that as a possible marketing tool for that player at Trinity (I believe).


Shouldn’t Pat’s relationship with Jay Wright actually help to get a series setup? Also, if Penn didn’t want us playing in the city why would they allow us to play at the Palestra? Perhaps because we don’t really compete with Penn for players? However, I can’t blame all of them for wanting to keep us out of their market and therefore the media.

It’s one of those teacher student mentor thing they don’t want to rock the boat.

I think the real issue is besides Nova the rest of the P5 could actually lose to PSU on its home court. Something they obviously don’t want to happen.

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I laugh at some of this speculation, because my speculation has been that Villanova won’t happen for the same reason the Pitt series was dropped during the Dixon era: Penn State would get a high-profile spanking!

There are years where things might go the other way (and this might be one of them if the breaks went Penn State’s way), but there is no need for Penn State to schedule Villanova until Penn State can be competitive.

I agree with the speculation on two of the other Big 5 teams that Penn State should schedule - Temple and St. Joe’s. There’s no benefit to them showcasing Penn State in Philly. Temple for sure and St. Joe’s in aspiration reaches for kids that would be considering the lower half of P5 schools, and that’s right where Penn State is.

LaSalle and Penn might do it.


As La Salle and Penn have done before. I would like to get some series scheduled. Besides the Palestra games and the PPL center game the only other PSU games I attend are in State College. Would love to have one at La Salle or the Palestra again against Penn.


Charleston Classic offering $25 discount on tickets if you sign-up now.

All you have to do is give them your email address. I did it so now I’ll hopefully save $50. This is probably the strongest tournament PSU will have played in since 2016-17 with Duke/Cincy? Would love PSU vs. Seton Hall.