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2019-2020 PSU Transferred Lions Tracker

For those interested in such things, Nazeer Bostick and the St. Peter’s Peacocks finally get their season underway tonight against Bryant. Game is on at 7:00 on ESPN+.


Bostick started in their exhibition game. Had 6 turnovers and fouled out in 11 minutes.


Bostick did not start but he had 6 points last night.
St. Peter’s got pounded at home by Bryant 69-44.

Bolton has started every game at ISU and he is currently their leading scorer at 14 ppg.

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That transfer certainly stings a little more (Bolton)

Wait till the regression to the mean occurs on his threes.

You made me look at his stats. 2 out of 15 from three.

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Bolton got hurt his first game (not serious) and sat out in the second half I was told or he would have scored more.

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Bostick and St. Peter’s plays at St. John’s at 6:30 pm tonight and the game is being televised on FS1.

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Go Naz!

Interesting that Bostick is #6 on the team in minutes (though no one on the team plays a ton of minutes) yet #2 on the team in FGA.

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Has he seen the floor at all yet? I wonder if he would have helped this team?

I just found at that Justin McCoy is a wrestler for UVA. Justin McKoy plays hoops at UVA.

So, he has scored 4 points on 2-9 shooting in 54 minutes (has not attempted a 3 yet) along with 7 rebs, 1 block, and 3 TOs

Bolton tied for the team lead with 17 points last night as Iowa State upset (16) Seton Hall 76-66

I watched the UNC-UVA game yesterday. UVA of course turned it into a real molasses slugfest. McKoy played a season high 17 minutes off the bench. 4 points and 5 rebounds. I had the impression that he was a perimeter player but he was active inside.

1-4 from 3.

He does get the ball in the bucket. I fell asleep watching in first half but thought SH looked stronger. Iowa State was solid, though, must have clamped down.

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Bostick had a DNP in St. Peter’s last game and he is not listed on the roster to play that I saw online vs. UConn tonight.

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The St Peter’s forum refers to him and another guy having missed a couple games due to illness.


I was hoping that is was just something like that. Get well Naz.

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