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According to Ticketmaster the guys are playing UMES’s gals team in the home opener. :blush:

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I like our chances


It’s like playing William & Mary when William doesn’t show up


All I know is I am going stir crazy that they haven’t started talking about when the Palestra tickets go on sale.

Me too! Just want to lock those down for me and my brother’s family haha.

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Same I am trying to get 5 tickets for family. I just remember the last two Palestra games we heard something by now.

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Single game tickets just went on sale yesterday, and the release said the Palestra tickets will be announced later. Hope I don’t miss it. I’m getting 5 too (counting me) plus a baby. Hope to introduce my niece and nephew to PSU basketball to become a new generation of fans (for better or worse) haha.

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Too bad the ticketing office doesn’t watch these boards to know that some of us are antsy hahaha. Oh well, it shows were excited. Maybe we won’t be so excited by the time December rolls around!

If I recall though I had these paid for well before Thanksgiving last go around.


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Nice layup. I think that Wheels is in for a breakout year with what he showed at the end of last season.


Not sure it’s been mentioned, but in the pre-season presser, Chambers kind of off-handedly referred to Lundy as possibly playing guard.

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If Lundy is getting 10 minutes per game this year something has gone horribly wrong??? Lol huh??

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‘Horribly wrong’ is a very relative term with our program.

If Lundy is playing more than 10 minutes a game this season, something has gone horribly wrong.

Of course, discounting the potentially pedantic “11 minutes a game is more than 10 minutes a game”, the point is that this team should have the depth to not need him on the court that much, and if they do, the someone, or someones, aren’t panning out.

Or he is panning out better than expected. It doesn’t have to mean that he is getting more PT because other players are not as advertised. They could be fine, but he is just better than advertised.


Simpler than that: It supposes Seth is only there to back up Lamar at PF, so if he’s getting more than 10 (that role resumed), Penn State is in trouble, because Lamar is either out or ineffective.

Seth at guard is an interesting thing to look for. Great size. Don’t know (meaning really don’t know, not saying “I doubt”) about quicks in that spot.

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I see Seth as our 8th or 9th guy so I expect him to get meaningful minutes (interprete that however you want).

I’m assuming Lundy is going to play mostly wing and might spell Lamar for the 2 minutes per game that he’s out. Buttrick will probably also get a chance at the 4 too in some spots. I’m not sure how many minutes Lundy’s going to play, but it’s likely going to be determined based how well he can guard wings.

One thing about Lamar though going off of this:

Lamar can switch onto wings and guard them well. It’s not mandatory that he’s always the 4 guarding 4s every second of every game. Given how much switching we do on defense, Lamar’s ability to guard on the perimeter makes us more flexible to playing more wing players like Dread, Brockington, Lundy, and the Joneses too.

So, Lundy’s going to see the floor as a wing imo. Not saying I know anything about his quickness, but if he’s going to play this year it’s as a wing. If he can defend wings well and knock down 3s at a respectable rate, he’ll get minutes. Is it more than 5 or 10? I have no idea, but if he’s at least playing ok-ish defense and hitting 3s at a solid rate I imagine he’ll get more than 10.

Edit to add, Lundy could also potentially play the 4 when Lamar plays the 5. Though, I expect that’s not going to be a thing we see on a consistent game by game basis. I expect that to be a wrinkle we throw in from time to time.

If Lundy’s as good of a shooter as they say he is, ideally he’ll be playing 10-20 minutes a game and making some big buckets.

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Traditionally, Chambers eighth man has averaged over 10 mpg (and we’ve gone as high as ten players playing over 10 mpg).

We’ve got six guys returning who topped 10 last year and probably, barring injury, should do so again - Stevens, Dread, Watkins, Jones, Wheeler, and Harrar.

I see three more guys with a decent probability of hitting 10 - CuJo, Brockington, and Lundy with McCloskey as a dark horse candidate. We lost 60 mpg between Bolton and Reaves, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that those sixty minutes get spread fairly equally among these four giving us ten guys playing 10 mpg.