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It will probably depend on how courteous people are to one another. Hoping for the best because, like you said, in theory, it sounds like a great idea.

Same here. Guess I gotta call the NLC

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For an NLC card to be valid, they would need to issue a new one every year following your renewal. I’m almost certain this is not the practice.

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It’s not just a matter of arriving late, it is heading to the restroom or concessions during this time out and returning to find your seat occupied. It is a hassle for the season ticket holder and embarrassing for the fan trying to improve their seat.


It should be pretty easy to show people a list of seats that no one has scanned in for


You’ll also have passive aggressive fans who’ll go tell the ushers your not supposed to be sitting in the seats that you had bought on the exchange anyway and the first reason is because they’ve never seen you there before but the main reason is because you won’t sit there and watch the game silently like golf.

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What NLC card? I don’t have one and don’t recall ever receiving one. Though if I did, I probably tossed it with the bazillion other cards I have that I never thought I’d need to carry.

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I just went to the NLC web portal to see if there was info. Logged in even. Clicked on the “Contact Us” link. And got “Access Denied – The page you were trying to access is locked. Make sure you typed in the correct URL. You will be redirected to the homepage in 10 seconds.” Of course it still hasn’t redirected me anywhere. Why do I find this to be so typical?

I did finally get a valid link and asked the question. Got this response:

“Cards will not be necessary for this weekends events as there was a bit of confusion in the email. You will be able to access the Mt. Nittany Room by letting them know you are a NLC member. In the future, cards will be sent out to NLC Hockey season ticket holders. Please let us know if you have additional questions.”

According to Ticketmaster the guys are playing UMES’s gals team in the home opener. :blush:

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I like our chances


It’s like playing William & Mary when William doesn’t show up


All I know is I am going stir crazy that they haven’t started talking about when the Palestra tickets go on sale.

Me too! Just want to lock those down for me and my brother’s family haha.

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Same I am trying to get 5 tickets for family. I just remember the last two Palestra games we heard something by now.

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Single game tickets just went on sale yesterday, and the release said the Palestra tickets will be announced later. Hope I don’t miss it. I’m getting 5 too (counting me) plus a baby. Hope to introduce my niece and nephew to PSU basketball to become a new generation of fans (for better or worse) haha.

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Too bad the ticketing office doesn’t watch these boards to know that some of us are antsy hahaha. Oh well, it shows were excited. Maybe we won’t be so excited by the time December rolls around!

If I recall though I had these paid for well before Thanksgiving last go around.


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Nice layup. I think that Wheels is in for a breakout year with what he showed at the end of last season.