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Bracket Matrix has our average seed as the highest #5 seed, Lunardi and Palm both have us a 4 seed. And to play a little game, the #10 team in the Net just lost to the #39 and #76 teams, on the road, and moved up one spot. We happen to have four more Quad 1 wins than that team, as well.

Our resume is very good.

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We can literally lose our remaining 3 games by 50 each and still get a seed in the tournament.

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I don’t know how someone could even say this now.

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The next absurd take is that Penn State wouldn’t even make the NIT. Just jot it down someone will likely say it for real.

So you’re saying they are equally likely?

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Sure! Whatever drives some of our fanbase to say more loony things.

Fans are props anyways. Big $$ comes from the CBS/TBS contracts, not the butts in seats.

Most know that. Having the 6th man on the court though gets boring.

I’ve never played major college basketball, but I thought that having the 6th man on the court would be a violation.

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I truly hope that you know what I was saying lol.

This is something that I mentioned here recently. I guess great minds think alike. :wink:

This is a weird take. Standings still fully up in air and he’s got the record to play for … Get the W, and rest him if you can with a big lead

I don’t know about you guys but I see a huge drop off between getting a 5 or 6 seed versus a 7 or 8… could be the difference between seeing MSU next (as long as we get there).

Stretch run has been pretty brutal for PSU. Success in mid February is still a long way off from early March. NET and projected seedings several weeks out is much ado about nothing

Hopefully this will take some of the steam out of the scenario spinning that’s been running rampant here. Take the rest of the season one game at a time.


Unless it’s a pass from Dick Mumma to a wide open Nittany Lion on the baseline. Then it’s just a turnover.

Too many assumed can openers, perhaps?

FYI I looked at the bleacher seats the students are in and if those rows were used the sight lines would be unaltered

They made this change after a court rush

Don’t know if it had anything to do with that because it hasn’t stopped those

So I have no idea why we waste three rows


This was no polo shirt-and-khakis game. A victory would sustain his Nittany Lions’ slim hopes for a first-ever Big Ten basketball title. So the Philly-bred coach put on a gleaming white shirt, nestled a blue foulard tie into its spread collar and slid into a dark pinstriped suit so finely tailored it might have come from Jay Wright’s closet.

See: This is the Guy who Dresses Villanova’s Jay Wright Right

[Tailor Gabriele] D’Annunzio met Wright in 2008 through his relationship with Villanova’s then-assistant coach Patrick Chambers. (Chambers is the current head coach for Penn State’s basketball team.)

“[Chambers’] dad was one of my first customers ever,” D’Annunzio said.