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Penn State fans (of which I am one) need to come to grips with the fact that if we lose out, we will likely finish 7th or 8th. Then if we lose in the 1st round of the Big Ten Tourney, we will have lost 6 of our last 7 coming in. The Committee will not likely be impressed by this, and I believe this would put us on the bubble. I’m not predicting anything, just saying two things:

  1. There is work to be done

I do agree that one more win would clinch an NCAA berth. This game on Tuesday night is huge.

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We would not be on the bubble.


Yeah man we are well off the bubble. We went into lock mode a couple weeks ago.


Yeah, there is no doubt of possibly missing the dance

I would say the absolute bottom we can get as far as seeding purposes go is we play in an 8/9 game.

Of course I am sincerely hoping you are right and I am wrong. But given the PSU history, replete with Tournament Committee general disrespect (like 2018), are you comfortable just leaving this in the hands of the Committee?

Let’s hope we win another game and this is all moot!

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Bracket Matrix has our average seed as the highest #5 seed, Lunardi and Palm both have us a 4 seed. And to play a little game, the #10 team in the Net just lost to the #39 and #76 teams, on the road, and moved up one spot. We happen to have four more Quad 1 wins than that team, as well.

Our resume is very good.

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We can literally lose our remaining 3 games by 50 each and still get a seed in the tournament.

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I don’t know how someone could even say this now.

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The next absurd take is that Penn State wouldn’t even make the NIT. Just jot it down someone will likely say it for real.

So you’re saying they are equally likely?

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Sure! Whatever drives some of our fanbase to say more loony things.

Fans are props anyways. Big $$ comes from the CBS/TBS contracts, not the butts in seats.

Most know that. Having the 6th man on the court though gets boring.

I’ve never played major college basketball, but I thought that having the 6th man on the court would be a violation.

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I truly hope that you know what I was saying lol.

This is something that I mentioned here recently. I guess great minds think alike. :wink:

This is a weird take. Standings still fully up in air and he’s got the record to play for … Get the W, and rest him if you can with a big lead

I don’t know about you guys but I see a huge drop off between getting a 5 or 6 seed versus a 7 or 8… could be the difference between seeing MSU next (as long as we get there).

Stretch run has been pretty brutal for PSU. Success in mid February is still a long way off from early March. NET and projected seedings several weeks out is much ado about nothing