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I much prefer this.


I prefer that too, except for people driving 2 hours to attend a 7:00 p.m. Tuesday game. We want to get on the road as quickly as we can but I also want to be there for the ceremony.


It’s better for the senior players before the game but unfortunately a lot of fans head home right after the game ends.

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I prefer it as well. However, having said that, given that Mike and Lamar are the headliners, it would be a damn shame if a large percentage of the crowd vacates acknowledging their career celebration.


Since it’s sr. night, how about free tickets for all srs while ticket supply lasts…

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It wasn’t an issue before when the students were standing right in front of row A


Those fans are the worst. I’m next to them in 121. If we ripped out a 12-0 run to start the MSU game they’d stay seated. If we won the game in dramatic fashion they’d stay seated. Someone buy those seats off of them!

To each, their own. You’ll be their age someday and might have a different perspective.


I won’t. I might get up slower but I’ll stand up.


And, that would be me now.
I pick my spots so as to save it for the endgame situations when needed. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t actually mind if someone stays seated and just watches the game. But don’t get upset at people around you cheering and standing when requested or at the end of a good game. You are attending a game, expect game atmosphere. As long as the cheering is not swearing or disrespectful, as much as some calls make you want to, it should not irritate anyone. If it does, maybe stay home.


Penn State fans (of which I am one) need to come to grips with the fact that if we lose out, we will likely finish 7th or 8th. Then if we lose in the 1st round of the Big Ten Tourney, we will have lost 6 of our last 7 coming in. The Committee will not likely be impressed by this, and I believe this would put us on the bubble. I’m not predicting anything, just saying two things:

  1. There is work to be done

I do agree that one more win would clinch an NCAA berth. This game on Tuesday night is huge.

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We would not be on the bubble.


Yeah man we are well off the bubble. We went into lock mode a couple weeks ago.


Yeah, there is no doubt of possibly missing the dance

I would say the absolute bottom we can get as far as seeding purposes go is we play in an 8/9 game.

Of course I am sincerely hoping you are right and I am wrong. But given the PSU history, replete with Tournament Committee general disrespect (like 2018), are you comfortable just leaving this in the hands of the Committee?

Let’s hope we win another game and this is all moot!

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Bracket Matrix has our average seed as the highest #5 seed, Lunardi and Palm both have us a 4 seed. And to play a little game, the #10 team in the Net just lost to the #39 and #76 teams, on the road, and moved up one spot. We happen to have four more Quad 1 wins than that team, as well.

Our resume is very good.

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We can literally lose our remaining 3 games by 50 each and still get a seed in the tournament.

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