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2019-20 Season Talk

They just opened up the rest of the upperbowl for the MSU game. No curtains for Sr Night.


Getting MJ back today was at the perfect time. Need to finish the season strong before heading into tourney season. We’ve seen glimpses of that team we saw during that 8 game win streak, but not a full 40 minutes.

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I just looked at it on Ticketmaster and I don’t see seats being for sale upstairs in section 202 to 226.

Those are all reserved for students

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Because those are student seats

There are a lot of passionate psu man fans. I’m fortunate to be local and make every game I am in town for

I also sit behind people who are offended by mere applause. Of course I cheer my team on and ignore their disdain

I agree we should expand the student sections to any area not occupied by the current season ticket holders. I also wish they would use the back rows of the pullout bleachers instead of folding them down

It was way better before the athletic department changed it

Have some consideration for your fellow fans. As much as you might want to stand the entire game, that’s not something that any fan should be forced into doing.

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The pull outs are lower
I’ve had tickets there for 9 years

You still saw over the students so your point is not correct

It’s a constant slope. So if them standing made you not see the court. Filling the front three rows only would do the same thing

Not sure that I understand. On one hand you say you want them to use “the back rows of the pullout bleachers”. Then in the next you say the “pullouts are lower”. What are they? In the front or the back?

Not to mention that some (probably quite a lot) fans are not physically able to stand for an extended period. Many are unable to “stand for D” which only lasts a few minutes.

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They have the back two rows of seats folded down
So the back two rows are not used but they are pulled out. So it is they have two rows unused
I sit right behind them and did when they used them before
The students can stand and you can see over them. So their is no issue of the people behind needing to stand

They have three unused rows. The last row is roped off and used only as a corridor. Those rows are folded down because of sightline interference with seated fans behind the students.

Does anyone know for sure if the Senior Night ceremony will take place before or after the game Tuesday?

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That’s exactly what I thought. Phanatic seems to feel that there wouldn’t be any signtline interference.

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Yeah. It would require a bigger step down to not lose some rows. Nebraska and Michigan State have done it very well. Look how much step down there is from the seated fans to the standing students.

Another issue when the venue was not built for hoops.

Phanatic seems to be thinking about when the seats where not pulled out all the way and some chairs were placed on the ground behind the sideline. I don’t think we’ve ever truly had the stands pulled out all the way without the back few rows down

I thought at the start the stands were pulled all the way out, but people complained when the students stood all game.

The Senior recognition ceremony will be post game again this year.


I much prefer this.