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Keys for next season success are getting Lamar back and bringing in a JUCO or Grad Transfer center!


If that occurs, I feel we should be able to make NCAA tourney next year and finish in middle to upper third of Big Ten. I know Chambers has no more ships for next year, but he really needs to find one and go out and get a center (junior college or grand transfer ranks) that is physically ready and can play the five. Harrar is a nice player, but need another center who can play right away.

No. We need Lamar and stellar guard play. End of story.


I’ll say pass to the third best player on a mid-level Patriot league school.

Penn State is not going to be a grad transfer destination this offseason, at least not the kind who would make a real impact. I’m also not sure why people are so fascinated with grad transfers. So many of them never work out and often involve players who are looking to up their professional stock instead of sacrificing for a team and coach.

We need Lamar to return and be healthy, without that we are sunk.

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How about that 7’1 Valpo guy? Or keeping Mike? We would need 2 players to leave for the Juco ship

I’d prefer Zion Williamson on a hardship transfer. (Actually, I’d really prefer that we get to keep the guys we’ve got.)


Something to do in the offseason?


Guys we need one more to leave the program not two. Mike Watkins is not coming back period. Also, there are some attractive grad transfers available each year. Take a look at Kentucky who took Ross Travis and UNC who took Cam Johnson as grad transfers. I disagree and feel just keeping Stevens is not going to assure we make the bid dance next year. We need some type of presence in the middle who is at least a scoring threat and can be a rim protector sort of like Watkins.

There is a LOT of competition for Grad transfers. It’s not easy to get them in here and we’d have to lose another player. We had a ton of issues getting Finke or Cremo to come in here and both wouldve gotten major minutes.

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PORPAGATU! “Points Over Replacement Per Adjusted Game” A t T hat U sage
PORPAG was created by MSU fans KJ and Spartan Dan back in 2009, and the basic idea is to estimate how many more points per game a player creates than a hypothetical “replacement player” would.

  1. There’s a bug in Bart Torvik’s software and I couldn’t pull March results, so I combined February and March. Table now updated to break out February and March.
  2. No stats for a month when usage rate was low, I think, is why Mike doesn’t show up on November and John disappears later in season
  Nov (4-2) **Dec (3-4) ** **Jan (0-8) ** **Feb (5-2) ** Mar (2-2)
Lamar Stevens 4.9 1.4 3.8 6.1 :fire: 4.2
Myles Dread 2 1.8 3.5 :fire: 2.9 2.4
Josh Reaves 2.2 0.9 1.8 2 2.3
Rasir Bolton -0.1 2.1 0 1.8 2.1
Mike Watkins n/a 3.9 :fire: 0.7 2.7 1.9
Jamari Wheeler 2 1.1 3.5 :fire: 2.9 0.7
John Harrar -0.1 0.2 n/a n/a n/a
Average 2.20 1.87 2.22 3.07 :fire: 2.27
Total 10.9 11.4 13.3 18.4 :fire: 13.6

edit add:

Last year comparison

2018 PRPG!
Tony Carr 5
Josh Reaves 3.7
Shep Garner 3.5
Mike Watkins 3.2
Lamar Stevens 3
Total 18.4
2019 PRPG!
Lamar Stevens 4.2
Myles Dread 2.4
Josh Reaves 2.3
Rasir Bolton 2.1
Mike Watkins 1.9
Jamari Wheeler 0.7
Total 13.6

Finke got solid minutes at Grand Canyon. Cremo ended up being a back half of the rotation guy.

Finke went to Grand Canyon because of his brother, IIRC.

I doubt Cremo would have changed our fortunes much, if anything it would be slowed down Wheeler and Bolton’s development.

If you can get Reid Travis and Cam Johnson, then sure. If Lamar Stevens was able to grad transfer and decided to do so, then he would be highly coveted for a variety of reasons. Look at who is getting the impact grad transfers as well, it’s Kentucky, UNC, Villanova, Arizona, etc. It’s not Penn State.

If you can’t get one of the impact grad transfers, you end up with Allen Roberts, Ty Lazenby (who btw was a JUCO transfer who got redshirted this year after barely playing last season), or Mark Alstork. Players who are nothing more than bench players and don’t improve your team all that much. Sure, you could find a gem, but players who are 3-4 seasons into their college careers are not getting that much better. If you want to actually improve the team long term, try to find a DJ Newbill, he’s way more valuable and can be molded into a program player.

This is probably accurate, and Cremo probably shouldn’t be described as an impact grad transfer either. He was a rotation player for Villanova in a year where they needed some experience from a player like Cremo to carry their youth after they lost all those players to the NBA. He’s played < 50% of available minutes and been an average shooter all year, that’s also in a worse conference in the Big East.

I can’t imagine him having much of a positive impact on Penn State, though it would’ve been nice to have a player like Cremo with an established reputation as a shooter in the team. Could have helped our spacing at times, but I’m probably over exaggerating his effect, and if he was only a spot up 35% 3-point shooter with minus defense, he’s not going to be really valuable to winning basketball. You have to think his defensive issues would’ve been even more exposed in the Big Ten than they were in the Big East as well.

Besides just being a better basketball program than us, anyone have any insight into how a school like Iowa State or Nebraska consistently pulls in impactful transfers? ISU’s entire roster seems to be made up of them.

Cremo may have bridged the gap in the early part of the season though while the rookies got up to speed.

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I’m not sure how you could say he would’ve bridged the gap when he wasn’t particularly good all season on a better Villanova team. He didn’t shoot well enough and he struggled against all the high major competition on Nova’s out-of-conference schedule.

Cam Johnson redshirted and graduated in three years at Pitt and had two seasons to play at UNC. Not your normal one year grad transfer.

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I mean we’ll find out here soon I’d think, but it sure seems like Stevens, as much as he’d want to go to the tourney, really likes being the face of PSU basketball, and transferring to be a role player on a blue blood wouldn’t give him that satisfaction.

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