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2019-20 Schedule

Some early 2019-'20 scheduling news. Should be a fun tournament!


Is this the version of Christmas decorations showing up in teh stores in September?

So this is how PSU will play Miami. Of course it’d never be in the ACC/B1G tournament down here haha.

I might drive down for that.

That is a field!

2 wins with that field would be a success

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Can’t wait for us to draw Towson and Missouri State.


Cool - that would be an easy path to the tournament championship game.


Given how we’ve preformed in past tournaments, nothing’s ever easy for us.



Wow if we win a few in there, that’s going to be gigantic for the program.


I know this is actually for the 2021 basketball schedule, but in the article it states that Penn State and UMass will have home and home in basketball starting in 2021, which is apart of a bigger deal involving a home football game for us in 2023. Just thought I’d share it


Wow did I call this a few threads ago or what? PSU playing UMass in a series.


Sp UMass in 2021-22 means PSU gets a different A10 opponent (most likely). Maybe La Salle? I am just going off the fact we usually have at least one A10 series going in a season. '14-'15 we had three A10 games, Duquesne, Fordham, and George Washington.

Nothing new except building the schedule we know right now.

Charleston Classic (Nov. 14th)
Charleston Classic (Nov. 15th)
Charleston Classic (Nov. 17th)
at ACC Challenge
vs. Alabama

5 more games would be open if I am thinking right. We should expect an A10 game automatically, it might even be a series. We will most likely get a MAC/Horizon League game. Then a Patriot league or NEC game (please please please Bucknell). 2019-20 is where we should expect PSU to pick up a series or two since we aren’t doing a tournament where we get two games with the 2-game tournament. Who they are with in an entirely different question. If you guys have guesses I am all ears!

As for why I want Bucknell, they are consistently one of the best Patriot league teams. A game in the BJC gets a good number of people (almost every Bucknell game I have been to has a good crowd) and a win against them will help our record out if we get a chance at a NCAA bid.

We aren’t guaranteed a Gavitt Game at home I believe.

We aren’t even guaranteed a practice facility at home…


It was assumed by me I thought the Gavitt games ended sooner. From the Gavitt game contract a long time ago I thought that each Big Ten school played in it 4 times over a span of 8 years. This was the 4th season (we played in 2015-16, missed '16-'17 and '17-'18). There are 4 more years, however we just played our 1st road game. So I assumed maybe we’d have to play our next two games over the next two years.

After being given DePaul on the road…twice…I’m fine skipping the Gavitt games in the future.


Yeah, then PSU will schedule somebody like Coppin State and you will on come here whining about that.