2018-19 season talk


My gullet and gray matter concur.





Blasphemy. Students don’t sit!! It’s a lie!!


Nice to see they’re doing all this stuff for people who buy a ticket today but not the season ticket holders who have had their tickets for months.


I’ve had season tickets since 1984 and I’m cool with them doing whatever they can to get fannies in the seats


Had some free time so I figured I’d update the (admittedly very early season) NCAA tournament resume and upcoming schedule as it relates to the quadrant system. I’ll update this every week.

As of December 3rd:

PSU NET ranking: 67
Record: 4-3 (0-1)

  • Bold constitutes wins

Quadrant 1:1-2 (@ DePaul, Virginia Tech, @MD)
Quadrant 2: 0-0
Quadrant 3: 1-1 (Wright St., Bradley)
Quadrant 4: 2-0 ( N Florida, Jacksonville St.

Indiana (Q1)
Colgate (Q3)



Lunardi has 10 B1G teams in so far. PSU is one of the “next four out”.


So you are saying that there is a chance…


Only if we win tonight




Quad 1: 1-3
Quad 2: 0-0
Quad 3: 1-1
Quad 4: 2-0

Remaining NC games:
Bradley: Quad 3
NC St: Quad 1
@Duquesne: Quad 2
@ Alabama: Quad 2
vs. UMBC: Quad 4

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say this team probably needs 4-1 down the stretch here and can’t lose to Colgate or UMBC. We’re on really, really thin ice right now. But strip away how bad it was last night offensive and from a pure resume perspective we’re not out of it.


I think Indiana could finish in the top 4 of the league, but we really had a good chance to take this one. I just don’t get it sometimes. But it’s clear no one respects our perimeter shooting. And we need to get a way to finish in traffic.


So, like, maybe not all hope is lost?


We’re 4-4. We’ll be lucky to win 1/3 of our conference games this year. Don’t take another run at the football. We have no shot at the ncaa tournament. It is what it is.


Tournament Resume update As of December 10th:

PSU NET ranking: 81
Record: 5-4 (0-2)

  • Bold constitutes wins

Quadrant 1:1-2 (Virginia Tech, @MD, Indiana)
Quadrant 2: 0-1 (@DePaul)
Quadrant 3: 2-1 (Wright St., Bradley, Colgate)
Quadrant 4: 2-0 ( N Florida, Jacksonville St)

NC State (Q1)


KenPom has us at #42. Here’s hoping that holds and we get in. Although to do so, we’re probably going to have to improve on his projected 8-12 B10 record. Pomeroy sees most, i.e. 10, of our remaining B10 games to be one possession games, so there’s lots of opportunity (regression to mean maybe) for a big swing in our projected 8-10 record during the rest of the conference play, .


Our schedule is so tough that even if our team is good enough to make the tournament, they may just have far too many losses to get in the field. Not a must win against NC State, but they need to start getting games like NC State and @ Bama to give them more wiggle room.