2018-19 season talk



James Banks just got one.

I really can’t tell any rhyme or reason to these waivers.


Hadn’t thought much about this recently but Pat did mention Izaiah today in the future tense, so certainly sounds like that’s the case.


In what context Ben?


In regard to James Banks…

He’s from Atlanta…played his sophomore season at my son’s high school before transferring to another local HS for his junior season and then onto LaLumiere in Indiana for his senior season. Univ of Texas for two seasons before looking to come home. Being from the Atlanta area and having reported “family concerns” as his reason for the transfer back home, probably made his waiver probable.

It was reported on the morning of Nov 13th that he was granted an immediate waiver and by that night (last night), he was in uniform in Tennessee and played against the Vols…scoring five and grabbing seven boards before fouling out.

It’s that quick…so if Brock gets a waiver, he could play Thursday, I guess. Will it happen? who the heck knows.


I didn’t realize there were national tournaments for 8 yr olds.


In baseball, there are national tournaments for 6 year olds. As a 7 year old, my son’s team played the defending “Dizzy Dean National Champions” in a one-off tournament, and their parents with all their paraphernalia, complete with a massive RV with the team’s logo, made you aware of that fact.

On Rasir (and Myles)…I made the weird comment to my son while watching the JSU game that I like them better than Carr and Garner. Not that they are better…but that they play a better team game together and within the entire structure of the team.

So excited to see how they and the rest of the team grows this season and beyond.




Penn State is going undefeated! (Not really) :sweat_smile:


Now you got me worried about tomorrow night haha. :wink:


Well, that lasted about 24 hours…


Has anybody tried ordering PSU tickets for home games through Ticketmaster lately? They used to allow you to hand pick your seats on a venue map.
Lately I have noticed that the venue maps have disappeared, at least for me on my iPad.


The map is still there, but the button that does it has changed.


Where is the button that does it?


That’s the button I circled.


Thanks Psuderp.


Man that’s a low ceiling


The over/under is that Dread hits it one time on a 3 point attempt…

This reminds me, when I was in junior high we played a game in a gym with a very low drop ceiling (Milton, maybe???), We had a guard who would shoot these ridiculous rainbow threes. During the game, he shot a three, and let’s just say the one tile was no longer there anymore.


Hopefully not a metaphor for PSU men’s hoops.