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2011-12 Previews

PSU #109 out of 111

Not very optimistic or positive but surprisingly accurate.

Apparently this guy has PSU as the 3rd worst BCS team in the country next year (ahead of only Utah and Boston College - who we play this season)

Frazier was more of a true facilitator last season, dishing out more than five assists per [b]season[/b]
How one word can make a stat mean something totally different

Sounds about right. Not trying to be negative, but we all know what lies ahead this year in terms of experience. Lots of question marks, but hopefully we find some answers to those.

We will need some surprise guys to step up this upcoming season. I think playing time is wide open right now and there aren’t too many favorites. I just care that everyone plays hard and we see this team get better as the season goes on.

Good post, lynk. I agree. Can’t wait to see the early games to see the new guys play!!

Sophomore shooting guard Tre Bowman was part of that same altercation and will be held out of game action until January as a disciplinary measure.

Is this really why he is suspended?

THis is the most wide open season that I can remember. We have on legit returning starter, 2 players that got to play small bit roles last season

Is this really why he is suspended?[/quote]
Among others