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2011-12 Preview Articles–penn-state-basketball-talor-battle

Article highlighting Frazier’s role for next season and that could be very positive.

I have to agree with the positive nature of this article (funny…me?..positive? ;D).

While many other Big Ten teams will be searching to fill that all important void of point guard/floor leader, that’s the one thing that this Nittany Lion team will have.

Now they just have to build around this cornerstone and I really feel they will do that. Might be some growing pains, but not as much if say our returning unquestioned leader were an off-guard, small forward or even center.

Tim is going to play well next year. You can see he has been working on his shooting and it will pay off. I think very highly of Tim and wouldn’t be surprised if he averaged 12 pts, 4 rbs, and 5 or 6 assists.

How’s your arm?