2010-2011 Excuses


What will be the next excuse du jour?

Notice that: “The ADs office is asleep at the wheel and we have a coach who doesn’t belong in the Big Ten”, is not an option. I am only polling for trivial excuses, not root problems.


Go away already.


psu_DC, Craftsy is right. Go away already. If you’re going to make a poll do it right and include “all of the above”, and the real answer, “we are only 8 years into a 17 year rebuilding process”


I agree… ;)…Every hear the old saying…“Let a sleeping Apologist lie.”

I don’t think I can stomach another thread of excuses.


Pathetic. Find something constructive to do with your time.


It’s too bad our moderator is currently ill. This thread belongs on the Deadwood board IMO.