Discussion Forum

Rule No. 1, also known as “THE TAVERN RULE”

Do not post anything here that you would not say to a player’s or coach’s mother’s face in The Tavern.

This rule presumes that if you find yourself in this hypothetical situation in The Tavern, you are

  1. Not intoxicated
  2. A reasonably well-mannered person

If you abide by this simple rule, the rest is superfluous.

Some “magic words” and hot-button topics

There are some key words and phrases that will almost surely get your post deleted, and if repeated, have your posting privileges limited or removed entirely. These are the Big Two Obvious Ones:

  1. Using the phrase “wasted scholarship” when referring to a player.
  2. Calling for the coach to be fired, or listing specific coaches as replacement candidates.

The first is just an obvious violation of The Tavern Rule.

The second is just a pet peeve.

Losing your job is awful no matter how well compensated you are. Having someone call for it is painful. It just bothers me.

Happily, there are other places (i.e., every other sports forum and news comment site in the world) where you can get this off your chest, and where your essential human right to express anything you darn well feel like expressing, no matter how ill-informed, vacuous or mean spirited, is protected.